What is formwork?
Formwork are temporary structures used to support Reinforced concrete casting until they solidify and take the desire shape, formwork are often called as shuttering, centering, scaffolding, centering, staging in different regions in India.
Our plastic formwork system are made of Virgin Plastic Poly-propylene material. Its effective and efficient formwork system when compared to traditional/ conventional system.
Our plastic formwork is design to take a load of 5 tons/Sqmtr and design data is also available in the product page.
We have tested our product on various parameters like allowable shear, bending moment, tensile strength, flexible rigidity, Fire resistance( smoothing temperature) etc.
There are many advantages of plastic formwork some of them are listed here Light-weight, 100+ repetation, Scrap value, Modular system, Zero consumables, Less skilled labour, smooth finish
Plastic formwork has been proven very cost effective and efficient that plywood based shuttering. It saves TIME, MONEY and is ecofriendly
Plastic centering / plastic shuttering can be used 100+ times to make concrete structures, It has to be well maintained, cleaned time to time to get the desired results.
We have sizes from (100mm, 150mm 200 mm 230mm 300mm, 350mm, 500mm, 600 mm) For sizes smaller than 100mm we use filler panels made of plywood (for odd sizes and nonlinear structures)

For sizes about 600mm we can attached to panels to get the desired size for example:
  • 900 mm column can casted using (600 +300)
  • 1000mm wall can be casted using (1000+1000)
  • The Height of the panel is standard 1230 mm and thickness of the panel is 80 mm.
PLASTOFORM is the leading plastic formwork manufacture in INDIA. We have capacity of 5000 sq mtr/ month spread over 40000 sft of high-tech and latest Injection molding machines. All the machines, molds, raw material and other products are 100% MADE IN INDIA, We can transport the material PAN India and Export it globally.
The Rate of the plastic formwork material is calculated on Square Meter basis, Based on your requirement (Need to provide Autocad drawings), we provide a techno- commercial solution with a list of panel sizes. Based on panel size calculation the sqMtr analysis is done and commercial will be shared accordingly

For more details contact us @ info@plastoform.in or call +91 9581005050
MS Metal shuttering often called metal centering is unconventional and outdated form of formwork system. It's often executed by unskilled labor and has very bad finish surface. MS Plate are not joined properly resulting in uneven concrete surface. Additional cement plastering is required. Common problems seen with MS based shuttering is formation on HONEY COMBS in structure, which is very dangerous and effects the structures stability.
Plastic formwork are panels (80mm thickness) which can be locked parallel and perpendicularly and are exclusively used for formwork concrete construction. PVC bases plastic ply (12mm thickness) are made of PVC material (hollow inside), which needs carpenter and wooden runner, nails etc to be used as formwork material
Plastoform offers 12- 15 Locking pins per panel, this Locking pins are made of hard nylon plastic material. There is no cost of locking pins are they are included in panel's sqmtr calculations.
Plywood is a cheaper material but can only be used for 5-8 repetition which results in repeated buying to execute projects. Need carpenter, electricity, Runners (wooden battens), nails to ensemble on the site. Wastage of the material can vary from (10-20%) Whereas Plastic formwork has almost zero wastage, no skilled labour required, no accessories or consumables are required, Gives 100 + repetition and has 25% scrap value It's similar to Petrol based Car and an Electric car.
Since the panels are made of plastic and plastic can be recycled. We offer a scrap value of 25% on Plastic formwork material, After 100 repetition Plastoform will take the material back and provide you with 25% of total SQMTR returned. The material has to be delivery to our factory at Kallakal, Medak Dist. Hyderabad, Telangana
The right time to order plastic formwork material is once your structural and architectural drawings are finalized and excavation work are started. It take 1-3 weeks to deliver the shuttering material, Standard size panels can be delivered in less than week but customized sized panels take time to execute.
Plastic formwork system has been proven very effective for Columns for following reasons

  • Columns can be casted every day so repetition of the material can be achieved
  • Shuttering and DE shuttering in plastic formwork system is very fast
  • With plastic shuttering you can cast 3.6 meter height in one single shift.
  • Different columns sizes can be casted with very less stock/ material sizes
Yes we do have openable holes in panel for tie rods, the diameter is of the hole is 16mm.
  • Plastic shuttering can be used for vertical structures likes walls, retaining walls, shear wall, boundary wall, STP, ETP tank walls, Elevated Storage Reservoirs, Drain walls
  • Since DE shuttering is immediate the repetition can be increased and forms can be used multiple time.
There are no disadvantages of Plastic formwork system, but of course there are some limitations of the form like - monolithic construction is not viable, non- linear structure need plywood along with our plastic panels, Plastic formwork in slabs doesn't favor the commercial viability because of slab casting system (15-21 days)
Factors to consider while choosing plastic formwork company

Manufacturing capacity: We have 5000 Sqmtr production capacity per month with installed capacity of 10000 sqmtr per month

Quality: We use latest 2023 made plastic injection moulding machine (100% made in india) With high accuracy and complete automated system, we guarantee highest quality product.

Techinical team: we have dedicated and strong Autocad designes, formwork experts, QA and Site engineers and post-sales client servicing team.
Plastic formwork is best formwork system for small to mid-segment projects. Plastic formwork is best formwork system if you are doing plywood based shuttering, Plastic formwork is very effective for columns and retaining walls. Plastic formwork is very efficient when compared to MS metal based shuttering.
Plastoform solutions will help to from designing phase to post concreting cleaning, we will hand-held you to transit from unconventional formwork system to plastic modular formwork system, We have very strong post sales client servicing team. So rest assured and contact us by email info@plastoform.in
How to order plastic shuttering formwork material?
Please share your drawings and we will assist you and support you with optimum use of material with less inventory and maximum value for money for your formwork system.
High speed water jet spray with (1000psi pressure) can be used to clean the plastic formwork panels, which is very easy and simple process, No hazardous chemicals, No high-tech machine required.
Please contact us Phone, Email or Fill the form in contact us page, our team will get in touch with you.
Need autocad drawings to start, quotation will be shared in 2-3 days along with formwork panel drawings. Upon finalization, Production and delivery will take 1-3 weeks.
12 locks per panel, Additional locks can be purchased a INR 10/- each
For Quotation and Drawing - 2-3 days, Delivery time for material - 1-3 weeks
How to clean plastic formwork?
Plastic has very less maintenance expense when compared to other formwork systems, Water, high-speed water spray machine and electricity is used to clean the formwork system from residual cement traces.
We offer a scrap value of 25% on Plastic formwork material. Plastoform will take the material back and provide you with 25% of total SQMTR returned. The material has to be delivery to our factory at Kallakal, Medak Dist. Hyderabad, Telangana. We take plastic formwork made in our facility only.
We provide you with a small metal key to lock and unlock the panels, Metal spanners can also be used.
Yes, Ofcourse material can be stored in Open. Our plastic shuttering material has UV resistance material which protects itself from UV, since plastic doesn't absorb water it can be used during rainy days also. The back support system is made of Galvanized material, which gives strong resistance to rust and corrosion.