Formwork Comparision
SIZE Standard size of 1 unit 4X2 8x4 Customized
WEIGHT Standard weight per UNIT 14.5 kgs 35 kgs Customized
WEIGHT Total weight per square meter (sqmtr) 18 kgs 12 kgs 22 kgs
RATE Cost of the formwork per Sqmtr (without accessories) 5500/- 670/- 8000/-
ACCESSORIES Only consumable accessories are taken in consideration included Runner/ Square Pipe Included
ADD-ON COST Additional cost of accessories - 125/- -
COSTING PER SFT Total cost on SFT basis 515/- 185/- 750/-
REPEATATION CYCLE No of times the material can be reused on single purchase 100+ 10 100+
REPETITION COST PER SFT Life time value in SFT 5.1/- 18.5/- 7.5/-
LOAD/STRENGTH Load bearing capacity per SqMtr 5.5 Tons 4 Tons 4 Tons
PLASTERING Cement plastering for surface finishing Not required Not required Not required
SCRAP VALUE Value of material when is no longer useable 25% 0 30%
CONSUMABLES Binding wire, Nails, Oil etc NIL Required NIL
TIME TO ERRECT/ DISMANTLE The Speed of setting up and removing the formwork Fast Very slow* Fast
SKILLED LABOUR Carpenters, Engineers, QA, Supervisors Very less Required* Very less
THEFT CHANCE Chances of theft of material on site Unlikely Unlikely highly likely
WATER RESISTANCE Corrosion of material with water Yes No Yes
STORAGE Formwork can be stored Outdoor Indoor Outdoor
CRANE Used for movement of formwork Not required Not required Required
ACCURACY Precision between actual and true value Yes No Yes
INSPECTION Supervisors to check the work Likely highly Likely Likely
AVAILABILITY Formwork available in market Available Available Very Limited
Note: Labour Rate are not taken in account
* Most of the work is done on site by carpenters