Reusable Modular Formwork system
Up to 60 KN/M2 of Fresh Concrete Pressure

01 Light weight

02 No honeycomb

03 Saves Labor, Time and Money

04 Faster Erection and dismantling process

05 No Plastering required

06 100+ Repetition

07 Modular System means Zero Wastage

08 100% Recyclable after use

Features & Advantages

Super Fine Concrete surface Finish
Employing plastic formwork yields an impeccably smooth concrete finish. The inherent qualities of the formwork, such as precise mold ability and consistent surface texture, contribute to the exceptional outcome. This method ensures a flawless appearance and reduces the need for extensive post-construction surface plastering.
Super Fine Concrete surface Finish
Trim down labor and handling expenses using lightweight Plastoform panels. Say goodbye to the necessity of cranes for panel installation. Each panel can be raised manually. Afterward, the panels are filled with easy-flow concrete following the concrete mix design specifications of Plastoform plastic formwork.
  Certified, low maintenance & fast delivery
-Plastic panels are recyclable and contribute to a closed-loop system.
-Plastic formwork reduces waste and environmental impact in construction.
-Lightweight design lowers transportation emissions during delivery and installation.
  Versatile and sustainable solution
- With load bearing capacity of 5 Tons/ Sq Mtr, Its high strength beats all its competitors
- Locking Pin are made of Nylon plastic, Easy and simple locking solutions
-High durability leads to longer service life, lowering maintenance costs and replacements
Simple, Productive & high strength


Our Standard Modular Panels sizes to suit your requirements

Our Plastic Formwork panels uniformly feature an 80mm standard thickness. They are reinforced with robust GI square pipe primary supports, capable of bearing loads of up to 5.5 tons per square meter. These panels are designed for compatibility with various sizes, offering flexibility and cost savings in inventory management.

600 P 24 x 48 600 x 1235 16 0.74
500 P 20 x 48 500 x 1235 14 0.61
350 P 14 x 48 350 x 1235 7.6 0.43
300 P 12 x 48 300 x 1235 7.0 0.37
230 P 9 x 48 230 x 1235 5.7 0.28
200 P 8 x 48 200 x 1235 5.1 0.25
150 P 6 x 48 150 x 1235 4.3 0.20
100 P 4 x 48 100 x 1235 2.0 0.13
IC 100 4 x 24 100 x 617 1.6 0.12
OC 80 3 x 48 80 x 1235 1.3 0.1

Locking System

The standard locking pin for all panels

logicwall features image2
logicwall features image2
logicwall features image2
logicwall features image2


Customised panels to suit your projects


Multi Residential




  • Achieve robust and accurate column structures effortlessly using customizable panels that guarantee proper alignment.
  • Now it's feasible to cast larger-sized columns using panels of a smaller size
  • Super Fine Finish of concrete surface with no honeycombs
  • - An independent wall meeting Indian building code standards for structural, fire, and acoustic criteria.
  • A robust reinforced concrete wall ensuring occupant security and superior quality.
  • Resilient and durable substrate for finishing touches.
  • Optimized thickness for efficient space utilization.
  • -Best formwork system to build lift walls and Duct walls for aligned and perfectly straight walls
  • Reduces construction material wastage
  • A practical and efficient system.
  • -Simple handling and setup with interlocking design for precise alignment and support during concrete pouring, resulting in the creation of smooth and robust slabs
  • Ideal for Capital Slabs, PT slabs, Flat Slab .
  • Perfect for challenging material access during wall construction and finishing.
  • The substrate delivers a clean finish, even in its raw state.
  • Constructing bridge columns and walls stands out as one of the most demanding aspects in infrastructure development. Plastic formwork, crafted from materials resistant to rust and water, emerges as an effective solution
  • The plastic formwork shuttering has demonstrated its excellence as the preferred system for erecting bridges, tanks, elevated storage reservoirs, sewerage treatment plants, and ETP tanks


Design, specify and build with Plastic Formwork

Plastic Formwork is the permanent formwork system that has changed the way architects and engineers approach prefabricated building design. A fully compliant deep-beam-functioning concrete walling system, Plastic Formwork is ideal for a myriad of commercial interior and exterior applications.

Our System Specification Finder and Resource Centre have all of the resources required to get you started and our friendly Customer Service Team are always happy to help.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of those using and designing with PlastoformSystems such as Logicwall® and Rediwall®, including but not limited to builders, designers, consultants and engineers to ensure that the use/application of product is compliant with all relevant National Construction Code (NCC), Standards and local Authorities having jurisdiction requirements such as, but not limited to structural adequacy, acoustic, fire resistance / combustibility, thermal, and weather tightness provisions. Contact us should you require further clarification.

specify and build with Plastoformlogicwall

Our team can help you with a full estimation.

Features Full Estimate
Walls scoped and marked up by PlastoformAccount/Sales Manager
Walls scoped and marked up by PlastoformEstimators for Quantity Surveyor
BOQ produced panels and accessories
Supply quote produced (to Builder)
Installer quote produced
Turnaround time 4 Business Days (priority service and revisions) -
6 Business Days (standard service)

Plastic Formwork is delivered from our NSW site to you.

Delivered in cut to measure lengths, Plastic Formwork can be delivered to site within 8 business days of shop drawing approval.

Plastic Formwork permanent formwork wall installation

To ensure the highest quality installation of Plastic Formwork in your project, engage Plastoformrecommended installers.

Plastic Formwork recommended installers are regularly audited and fully trained in the construction methodology of our Plastic Formwork product. At the conclusion of the audit process, our recommended installers are issued with a Certification of Installation Conformity, confirming that their practices conform with our recommended installation of the product.

specify and build with Plastoformlogicwall


Following set out, Plastic Formwork panels are hand lifted into place over a steel floor track and starter bars.

specify and build with Plastoformlogicwall

Reo and services

The panels are braced using adjustable braces, then plumbed and straightened. Simple single or double reinforcement options can be installed horizontally and vertically, and electrical services can be accommodated within the walls.

specify and build with Plastoformlogicwall

Core filling

The panels are then core filled by pumping concrete (in accordance with the Plastoformlogicwall concrete mix design specification), usually performed from the formed deck of the next slab or off a scaffold.

Plastoformis there to support you every step of the way with industry leading sales and after sales support services.

As one of Australia's leading permanent formwork companies, we offer a range of professional services that help to enhance the efficiency provided by Plastic Formwork products including:

  • Technical and after sales support
  • Complimentary product and installation training
  • Free thermal imaging inspection service
  • Free Plastoformlogicwall® recycling services

Our in-house design team of structural engineers and estimators can undertake an obligation-free structure scheme and cost comparison for your project.

We can show how Plastic Formwork is able to improve structural efficiencies whilst lowering construction costs for your projects through:

  • Smaller structural footprints
  • Greater efficiency in load-bearing walls
  • Reduced cranage and materials handling
  • Reduced project program from speed of construction

To arrange your obligation-free structure scheme and cost comparison for your project, contact Plastoformtoday.

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